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One of those days.



So I knew it would happen. You know, one of those days where everything is just stupid and you just wanna go home. Not just any home, your home…the one where you have all these comfortable things and hot water and a refrigerator and electricity. Well. It happened.


It actually started off well. We got up, after we’d slept in. Went to work for a couple of hours. Came home for lunch and well since everything stops here for the rain, we took about a 3 hour nap while it poured its little heart out. Then we woke up and cooked smores! SMORES! As we’re sitting there, we jokingly made the comment… “how are we going to readjust to the American work lifestyle? 8-5 or more?? I mean working a couple of hours and napping 3 and cooking smores.” It was as if karma wanted to slap our faces. The rain picked up and started just dumping buckets! It started dripping through the rough into our living room. Then, I heard it in the hall. Then the back bedroom. Then, I realize it’s also leaking into our bedroom. Not just anywhere….the middle of our bed!


On top of that, we found out that our newest house girl had been stealing from us the entire time we were gone. When people asked where she was getting it she replied “if I don’t steal from the muzungus what am I getting from them?” Um…let’s see…10,000 RF to start with. Generally people make less than 500 on an awesome day in this village. Most of the time just a couple hundred francs and we were paying her 10,000 RF!! She’s an idiot. What is wrong with girls these days?? Seriously?


While the rain was trying to huff and puff and blow our little house down, we had 5 kids sitting on our porch waiting it out. While they’re sitting there, every time I walked outside to check the sky they threw in, Sarah we’re hungry. Our belly hurts. I want food. So adding all that together, it was just a crappy all around day. The first of which Jarod and I have seriously just sat and moped saying….we want to go home. We miss the luxury of a non leaking home. All the wonderful amenities you seriously take for granted living in the US.


So there it is. It’s better now. Nothing’s wrong, no one’s hurt…mom. Don’t stress, mom. Just a bad day.


I also wanted to give a shout out to our September folks. We definitely got so busy we forgot to do this at the beginning of the month. I’m sorry.


September 12th-Happy birthday Marissa! September 15th-Happy Birthday Cat! We hope it was wonderful. September 16th-Happy Birthday Caleb. September 27th-this is a duel day. Happy Birthday Breanne…15! You’re growing up so fast…sorry we’re missing it. Also, Happy Anniversary mom and dad! 29 years!! Holy cow. That’s awesome. We’re so proud of you guys. I love you both soo much!!




Warning: The Following Material May Not Be Appropriate For All Reading Audiences

So when you move to Africa, it's just a given that things inside you will change. This is a story of that change.

Yesterday, there were several of us volunteers that had some time to kill. As we were sitting there talking about what to do we see this giant beautiful rainbow lizard run across the ledge in front of us. So here's the scene. About 7 volunteers sitting with their feet dangling off the balcany staring at the amazing lake that is in front of us. We see this lizard. Ooh. That's so beautiful we all agree. Then, we realize there is another lizard running out in front of it. This one isn't so pretty. It's just a blah camoflauge greenish color. Then, we notice that the beautiful rainbow lizard is doing this interesting motion where he pumps his upper body up and down as he chases her. Then it becomes obvious, this is a mating dance. So we watch for a few minutes as he chases her and she runs and hides and then comes back and is just playing with his heart!

So this is where it gets interesting. All of a sudden I realize we're all cheering the rainbow man on."Get her" we say. Then she disappears and we all sit there waiting for her to come back. Of course, she does. He does his dance and she plays hard to get. We then really began cheering him on. We were singing things such as "Lets get it on" and various sex songs we've heard through the years. We really were cheering this on.

Then, another lizard comes on the scene and starts trying to get the lady. It was crazy! They were just running back and forth and biting each other and we all just sat there, watching. We even started getting mad at the new lizard as he had not been trying for as long as rainbow man and it was making us angry! "Leave her alone!"Of course, this is the clean version as some other volunteers were screaming vulgar profanities at these lizards, but seriously...we sat there, watching. Then, someone pointed out that we'd officially been watching and cheering these dudes on for over an hour.

I couldn't help but laugh because where in the US would someone just sit there and cheer on some lizards trying to get it on. I really couldn't do anything but laugh at us because...This is Africa. What else is there to do?


Oh South cut to the core of me

This is a waterfall at the botanical gardens

This is our room!
Well well. Here I am. South Africa. Man. I love this place. I think I've officially decided I like being a girly girl. I had almost forgotten that I do. I like HOT showers. I like being clean everyday. Washing my hair and knowing it's clean...instead of seeing dirt wash out. I like being able to see a movie when I want. I like the convenience of restaurants. I like air conditioning. But, I guess that's just not the girl I am these days. Instead the new sarah is a no electricity, no running water, no girly shoes, purses and makeup kinda gal. ahh. sad day.

Anyways. So South Africa is gorgeous. They have these amazing trees that line every single street. They are a florescent purple from what we've been told. It's just wonderful. I'll post pics. Also, already posted 57 on my facebook from this trip. I'll take more as I can.
This is a gorgeous African tree

I am all finished with my dental work. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad. My jaw is extremely sore right now but not from the dental work on my teeth...apparently my jaw (TMJ) is really bad and once they applied the shots to numb me, my jaw stopped working properly. So, I am getting this really great tray that will hopefully help heal the problem over time. I have to wear it for sure every night. Maybe every day. We'll see once I go back on Thursday.
I love bathrobes!

Does this really need a caption?
oh wow.
This bed and breakfast is unbelievable! I mean really. I'll post pictures. The breakfast is AMAZING. I'm definitely putting on some weight here. Also, the internet is a whole other level. I mean, wow. I put up 57 pics on facebook in 5 minutes. That's gotta be an African record.

Oh...very sad news about a Peace Corps Volunteer that was recently killed. His name was Tom and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Apparently it was a mugging and we don't know the details but he was shot in the chest and passed away before the girl with him got to help. I just feel so bad for his family. I know these things happen in the states every day but it still is very sad.

What else? We went to the Botanical gardens here. Very beautiful. I posted those pics on my facebook. Besides the fact that I've eaten about 5 pizzas. A 20 piece mcnugget. Sandwhiches and lots and lots of cold lipton ice tea...I think that's pretty much it. Oh yea, and we went to 3 movies. I miss 1st world countries!! Ok ok. I am going to upload pics and go enjoy some more yummy food. Woo!


Can I just have one drama free day? No, that’s what I thought.


So where to start? I know it’s been a while so this might be really long. Let’s see, we went to Kigali for some much needed rest and relaxation for Jarod’s birthday. It was wonderful! We had hot showers, chocolate chip cookies, good food, cold sprites, and again, hot showers! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We returned to site on Saturday the 21st. This is where it gets fun. At least for me, anyways.

Sunday morning I wake up and go about my rat killing and realize somehow my tooth is chipped. Not just any tooth, my crown. Of course, my crown. You know the metal one I had for 10 years and then Peace Corps made me replace with a fancy new porcelain plated one…yes that one. The one I paid $800 bucks for….yes, that one. It’s chipped less than one year after being put on. Right down the middle. So I call the PCMO and talk with him about what I need to do. Of course, it required me to come to Kigali. So off I go first thing Tuesday morning. I arrive and find out that the dentist doesn’t work on Tuesdays, naturally. I then get an appointment for the following day at 2:30. I go to this appointment and she tells me that the crown needs fixed or replaced but either way she can’t do it here in Rwanda. In the mean time though, she spots two teeth that are just sitting in their little holes, minding their own business and rotting out all by their selves. What does she say?? They gots to go! They are not bothering her in the slightest but she wants ‘em out. 2 root canals. YAY! I go back to the PCMOs and they are in total agreement with the dentist. I am officially being “medevaced” to South Africa. The first in our group actually. I always thought I was pretty tough but give me 6 months in Africa and my teeth start falling apart! Literally.

From here it gets really fun. I go home on Thursday. Spend a couple of days with my community and then the PCMO calls (on Monday) and says you are leaving Wednesday morning first thing so you must come tomorrow. We both desperately want Jarod to come with me but Peace Corps obviously can’t pay for him since he doesn’t have any issues. So with much drama we get him a ticket purchased and are currently flying over the Congo/coast of some country….woo hoo! This morning was so dramatic with purchasing a ticket (Jarod can explain all this) that I was literally shaking and crying because I thought I was going alone without him. Now I know I am a big girl and can do this all alone, but geez. I’ve been with him every single day from morning to night for 6 months. I’ve become a little dependent.

But wait…. My friend Jenn…she has a boyfriend and he came from America last week and when they visited us…he had a gift for me. That’s right ladies and gents. Prepare yourselves! A 20 OUNCE DR PEPPER!!! Now with me being a bundle of nerves and sitting in the airport alone waiting to find out whether Jarod is coming with me, what do I do? Oh yes, you know it baby. I pull out the Dr Pepper. Ryan buddy…you saved my day. I sat there crying to myself and drinking my Dr Pepper. Telling Jesus how good he was to me. Now that’s a true pity party if I’ve ever seen one. Guess what, lo and behold I look up and there is my hubby walking through security. Peace Corps saved the day.

Now if I haven’t already mentioned, all joking aside-I absolutely LOVE the Peace Corps Medical Officers. They are MORE than amazing. I mean, if I could ever have picked two men in the world to have on my mental/physical/emotional/anything else a doctor does, side…these two men would be it. Dr Elite and Dr Laurent are the most amazing men! They care about you as a volunteer and I trust them 100%. It’s so nice to be able to know if I need something…they are there. So mothers…please know that we are being taken care of by the Peace Corps.

Last but not least, I think this is the last week for our current Country Director, John Reddy. Jarod and I are extremely sad to see him go. We liked him a lot. Our new country director is named, Mary Abrams. We have yet to meet her but are looking forward to that.

And of course…here’s our monthly shout outs!

September 27th-Happy Birthday Breanne. 15!! You’re growing up so fast. Jarod says “holy crap.” Also, on the 27th –my parents anniversary. 29 years!! WOW. Mom and dad, you are amazing and a wonderful example to look up too. Jarod and I are so blessed to have you in our lives!

I think that’s all for now. We love you and will be in South Africa for me, at least 2 weeks. For Jarod…a week.

What I’m learning in Africa


I could really list about a billion things but I just have one story.

I have a little girl who I really really like. Her mother is a prostitute in our small village and her brother is very sick. He potentially has HIV but all in all they are mostly just neglected and malnourished.

She seems to latch on to me every time I’m around and I think that maybe is because I am the only person that shows any interest in her. For instance, about 2 weeks ago her mother was beaten by the local authorities for being out and doing her business and leaving the little girl, 6, and her brother, 2, alone and outside at night, by themselves.

Today I looked out the window and she is standing in my front yard staring through the gate. I naturally tell her to come inside and she spends the day with me. (She lives in town so at least a 20-25 minute walk from my house). I feed her and play with her and give her all sorts of fun things to do. We had a great time. She ended up falling asleep about 4 hours after she got there so I let her sleep. About dark Jarod and I decided to take her home. We walk her to town. Her mother is no where to be found and we tell her over and over to stay there. Of course, she doesn’t listen. She follows us all the way back home. I made dinner and she hung out for a while longer. Jarod kept saying she needed to go home but I just kept insisting that her mother would come get her. I knew she wouldn’t leave her with us. Wrong. About 8:30-mind you she is sound asleep on our floor for the night…she’s made a little bed, I decide he’s right. We took her a few houses down to her grandmother’s house and asked if she could stay there. They seemed bothered, but agreed.

My heart broke. I went back to the house and naturally had a few tears to put out. It absolutely broke my heart. No one came for her. No one checked on her. No one even wanted her. I am learning that children here are not children, they’re just products of two people having love or lust for one another. Most not even wanted. It breaks my heart. I can’t stand it.

The story doesn’t have a happy ending. She will go back home tomorrow to her mother who didn’t even bother to come looking for her and will continue to be neglected.