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Baby GIRL Ringlet!

How far along?: 24 weeks tomorrow!

Total weight gain/loss: It's really hard to tell since I came home from Rwanda and jumped back into American food. But approximately 15 pounds...oh boy!

Maternity clothes?: Not yet. But soon I think I'll have to start something creative with the button on my jeans. They are getting a little tight when sitting.

Sleep: It's been pretty good lately. We've been staying at a friends house who had a unit in the room where we were and we cranked that thing down and slept like babies!!

Best moment this week: Well this week I don't have one but the best one for the past few weeks was clearly finding out baby Ringlet is a little GIRL!!  We went to the doctor's office and had an ultrasound. We requested they not tell us but instead write the sex on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Then we took it to a florist who then filled our pre-made box with the appropriate color of balloons. Jarod and I were both soooo convinced we were having a boy so clearly we were totally shocked when we opened the box and pink balloons came flying out! You can obviously tell we are shocked on this video... It took a couple of days to readjust our thinking since it had been boy for so long but now we are all girl baby! 

Movement: Oh my goodness! Supposedly babies sleep 90% of the time they're in the womb...Jarod and I don't believe this. Baby Ringlet moves ALL day. She kicks and flips and flops and has been enough for me to feel her since about 15 1/2 weeks. It's pretty unbelievable. I constantly have my hand on my belly feeling her move because it never gets old!

Food aversions: None really. I have almost officially decided that I'm a vegetarian. I can eat meat in tiny amounts but do not really enjoy it and don't really see a point in eating it.

Food Cravings: I have not had any cravings yet but thoroughly enjoy cereal. I've always enjoyed cereal more than the average person but since we've arrived home from Rwanda and I actually started eating again...cereal seems to be a huge favorite.

Gender: Sweet baby girl!

Names: Yes! We named our baby girl but have decided that we would like to keep something between the two of us. We will announce our sweet baby Ringlet's name when she's born...unless I slip again as I have nearly twice now!!

Symptoms: Heartburn with a vengeance! This week apparently my little Ringlet is producing some hair on her head because my heartburn is crazy at night. (Apparently research has linked heartburn with hair growth in the womb). And bleeding gums. 

Belly Button in or out?:Still in, but not as "in" as it used to be. It's poking my belly button ring out a little bit now.

 Rings on or off?: Still on.

Stretch marks?: Not yet...and praying I don't have my family's genes! I already feel like my stomach is stretched to its max though.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach!

What I am looking forward to: Figuring out what we are doing with our lives and getting our own place again! 

Weekly Wisdom: Haven't really received any. Maybe it's because we aren't around a lot of people these days or maybe it's because of my last post. Who knows. I've been reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby and that's good with lots of advice on sleeping.

Milestones: Made it past halfway and am already nearly to my third trimester which is just plain nuts! I have a "to-do" list by trimester and have a lot left since we don't have anywhere to live! 

1. Purchase diapers! 
2. Purchase crib
3. Buy lots of adorable clothes
4. Acquire Pack-N-Play
5. Purchase car seat 
6. Find a middle name
7. Get nursery ready
8. Paint crib

These are the covers for her cloth diapers
We did buy the last of our baby girls diapers.

These are the covers and the inserts.

We are using cloth diapers for our baby girl. Yes! People still use cloth diapers. The flip system is a cloth system designed for parents who are serious about helping the environment, saving money, and many more benefits:

  • Disposable diapers are the third most common consumer product in landfills today.
  • A disposable diaper may take up to 500 years to decompose.
  • One baby in disposable diapers will contribute at least 1 ton of waste to your local landfill.
If you are interested in learning more about cloth diapers visit this link:

So so so ready to figure out what we're doing with our lives and get settled into some sort of home. I miss my own space and I am becoming reclusive for privacy! But for those of you who really know me know this is pretty normal when I need space. I need my own peace and quiet to be rejuvenated and that just isn't an option as of late. So so thankful for families who want to help and are offering their homes and food and cars and love during this trying time!

17 weeks
18 weeks

19 weeks
20 weeks

21 weeks
22 weeks

23 weeks 5 days

<---Those jeans are the same ones I have on in my 12 week photo but what you can't see is that they are unbuttoned because we just ate ALL  YOU CAN EAT SHRIMP at Red I couldn't breathe here! That smile is totally fake because momma is not happy with her heartburn or her lack of air!

I really promise to try and do this more! Not 7 weeks at a time. Geez.